Cubefield games is probably one of the most enjoyable ways to spend your time. Luckily, some people would feel discourage about playing cubefield because it can get rather complicated. During the cubefield gameplay, most people would enjoy games with a more simplistic approach of playing. That is why recently simple games like fireboy and watergirl or cube field game became really popular games. This is especially true with the case of cubefield games as it is a very easy games to play in your free time. If you are not familiar with the cubefield game, you should definitely read this article as we will review this game and its essence. Cubefield game is, in essence, a very simple game to play. You can definitely play easily without spending time to learn the best strategy to play cubefield. The premise of the cube field game is that you are playing a little gray arrow on your screen. This little gray arrow will move very quickly without you being able to control it. The only way you can control the gray arrow is by moving it to the left and to the right. This is done in order to avoid several cubes or boxes that will multiply as the game continues. It sounds very simple, but it gets really difficult once your arrow moves at the speed of light. The main purpose of the cubefield games is to avoid as many as cubes as possible. The more cubes your green arrow avoid, the more score you will gain. You can enjoy play cubefield games by trying to beat your high score over and over again. The games will be over if you finally crash into one of those cubes. So make sure that you avoid those cubes no matter how difficult it is. As the game progress, the speed of the arrow will become quicker and the cubes will be superfluous. If you are familiar with some of the oldest game like Pacman, you will probably feel the similarity in both games. There is nothing much inside the game except the cubes and the arrow itself. Even so, the simplistic design actually feels rather nostalgic for some people. The easy gameplay also makes cube field game rather addictive for some people. Sadly, there is no audio in cubefield the games can be really boring and dull. Despite so, the lack of music is actually made on purpose. According to the game designer, they made the game without music so that you can enjoy your own music while playing the cubefield Games. Reaching high score is actually not that easy on cubefield game. Some people have a hard time just to reach a score above five hundred thousand. Despite so, you also see some people that can reach top score above twenty million. So how do they do that? Well, here are some tips that you can apply whenever you feel like playing cube field games. First of all, some people are able to reach such a big score because they practice a lot. Keep practicing the cubefield games and see what kind of playing style suit you the best. Some people will prefer to play using a high adrenaline in their system. They feel like they can play the game better if they feel the rush of the speed of the game. But some people can actually play better when they are relaxed and calmed. If that is the case for you, you should always try to calm yourself every time you play the game. You can do so by keeping your focus and not let anything surround you as a distraction. There is a rumor that you can actually gain more score if you keep your arrow on the left. It has been proven by some people that the left part of the cubefield game actually have fewer cubes. Therefore, you can dodge fewer cubes if you stay on the left of the screen. Of course, this is not something that can be true for everyone. Some people actually find it easier to stay on the right. So, it is rather different for every person. So the only way to prove it is by playing the game yourself. There are two kinds of people that you can see on this game. First, it is the person that focus more on the cubes that they need to dodge. And then there are people who focus more on the blank space that you need to go to. Different people have a different preference in this matter, just decide which one would be more beneficial for you.

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